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All of our downloadable files are in zip format... You can open these files with winzip... Click Here to download this program for FREE.

Here is a few sites that you can use to host your flash files and images for FREE!
Photobucket.com image hosting and photo sharing

For Photo Editing and Basic Graphic Design I mainly use Jasc Paintshop... Even if you are not a digital artist it's still pretty handy to have a graphics program...

For help with basic Html codes remember to visit our HTML Corner... We have a basic tutorial to get you started, Protection Codes that you can add to you site to keep you pictures from being stolen, and a Practice page with an HTML editor!


For information about copyrights and the rights of artists here is an excellent site with lots of information:


Below is a list of my memberships, Webrings, & Affiliations:

Stock Photos, Royalty Free Stock Photography, Photo Search

go to Renderosity.com

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For the 3-D creations and the tubes and files I create on my site I use a variety of programs... Poser, Bryce, Wings3D, P3DO Explorer, Mat Pose Edit, Edit Pad Light, Expressit 3E, Iconart, Blender, Hexagon, Paint Shop Pro, and 3-D Max... Below are a list of 3-D related websites...




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