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Live Your Fairytale Dreams
Through a Portrait!

Fantasy Photo Editing is a unique way creating a personalized work of art out of your
snapshots or photographs. We use state of the art digital technology to enhance photos
and put them into a fairy tale settings... Some examples are Fairy/Elf, Prince/Princess,
Medieval, Victorian, Mermaid, Sports theme, or just about anything you can dream up...

How it Works...

I can work with almost any picture.
Several of my Sample Portraits were created from just regular snapshot images, some many years old. You can however pose your child to best match a particular setting (although posing is not required). The best type of images to use are full body shots without any props or obstacles in the picture. If posing and using a background, white or lighter colors are best. If you like you can send several images with different posing, so I can select the picture that best suits the scene you have described. Once I receive your picture and your description of what you would like. We can work together to insure you are completely satisfied with your Fairytale Portrait.

Please send a high resolution non blurry picture through email or the original photograph through the mail and we will scan it in for you. (Any original photo mailed to us will be returned after it is scanned in) Please only send pictures that you are happy with... Since this image is created from scratch just for you, it is a very time consuming... And I would not want to spend hours of work on an image that you are not happy with.

 After we receive your picture we will contact you to decide on colors and types of wings, or settings to use! We will then Create a Unique Scene that will blend in with your requests! We also allow you to add a short message or name on the picture! You can also select the style of your portrait (traditional, sepia, colorized, black & white) all at no extra charge! We create a beautiful piece of art to your specifications. It's completely personal and original. This makes a timeless treasure, and breath taking gift for a mother, grandparent, or yourself!

Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for me to finish the custom work for you and have any packages sent out.
(rush deliveries available upon request additional charges may apply you must contact me first and make arrangements)


My attention to lines, shadows, and details of an image is rare... I carefully blend the images together to provide a realism that is rare and unique...
I am a Professional Artist and Highly Accredited... Don't be fooled by amateurs...  My Artwork has been featured in art galleries and national magazines and has been highly acclaimed by critics!


For a Digital Copy of your finished photo emailed to you along with a personal use print release to make your own prints from your portrait... Prices Start at $129.00 

Extensive editing or photo restoration may cost extra.

For More information or to place a custom order please contact us!



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